STYLISTS: Amma Mohammad, Cody Miracle, and Myself

MODEL: Imani Kiana


INSPO: For this project we chose to create a revival of the late (but still kickin’) music icon, Jimi Hendrix. We chose to photograph editorial style for Dazed Magazine audience.

We decided to use Jimi’s eccentric but unique clothing staples and turn them into modern day looks . We chose a female model to challenge ourselves and give more adversity to Jimi’s look.

Edgy, Fun, Rock’n Roll.

LOOK #1 

Velvet, Militant, strong metals, aggressive accessories

velvet, militant/aggressive accessories, stripes, floral prints, flowy blouses, ruffles



Pinstripes, Florals


Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles, Sheer, Glitter, Platform


Ruffles, Militant, Vinyls, Patent Leather


Clothing: Dolls Kill, Zara, Amazon, Wasteland

Accessories: Amazon and Stylists’



Client: Rosemarie Nagal  (nurse, dancer, and lifestyle blogger)

Stylist: Jeremy Lautan

Assistant: Myself

Photographer:Ephraim Mardicas 

MUA: Kathleen Salvador

Hair Stylist: Grace Garza who has been styling hair for 20 plus year.  


The client wanted to express her different personalities as a nurse, hip hop dancer, and blogger through her clothes. The clothing brands Jeremy  used were from a company’s’ Forever 21, H&M, and Thred Up. The client promotes Thred Up so many of the items came from her own wardrobe including the jewelry. We did both a studio and location shoot and it was a period of two days back to back for the shoot. The studio was at the photographer’s house. He had all his equipment at his house including a backdrop, lighting, and reflectors. He also had an assistant to help him set up. The location shoot was here in San Francisco in John Mclaren park.

It was interesting to watch Jeremy Lautan style Rosemarie.  I learned quite a few things watching him but here are the most important:

  1. BRING MANY OUTFIT VARIETIES: Jeremy brought a whole suitcase of outfits for me to steam. He also brought a whole suitcase of different pairs of shoes. He let the model try on clothes in various options before shooting. Some of the outfits he out together the model did not like so he needed back ups. 
  2. EXPECT A LOT OF TIME  USED TO HAIR AND MAKE UP: The hair and make up took at least two hours as well as the styling process before the shooting started.
  3. EXPECT LIGHTING TESTING: As the client was getting styled, the photographer was testing different lighting for the back drop.
  4. BE DETAILED ORIENTED: During the actual shoot, Jeremy would ‘go in’ at least 20 times for each outfit because her hair was not cooperating and needed to be fixed.
  5. BRING YOUR TALENT AND CREATIVITY: One look that was interesting was that the client wanted to show off her back tattoo so Jeremy made a shirt that only showed her back.
  6. BRING YOUR WHOLE STYLING KIT AND PREPARE SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE: Also his styling kit was really big and included a steamer and hanging rack.
  7. BE POSITIVE AND HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE: During the outside photoshoot, Jeremy provided a lot of positive energy and even provided poses for Rosemarie to use.  She seemed to be having a lot of fun and felt in her ‘element’. 

The Clothes Off Your Back

A collaboration with fellow stylist Janet Pak  (Janet’s site!) 

Models: Janet Pak and Myself

Photography: Leva Choden

Make Up: Lauren Cisneros


We were given a project to use our day outfits and turn them into completely different looks to exhibit our personal style and uniqueness. The only items we could switch up were the accessories. Of course, before this assignment was given I had no idea…but nonetheless…


Janet was wearing jeans shorts and a blue jumper with tennis shoes. I was wearing a graphic tee shirt, peppered joggers, and an over sized jean jacket and vans.

This is what came out of it….

Look #1 NYC Girl Boho Chic:

This look was inspired by a Girl’s Night out in New York City. In New York City you can literally throw things together and it still look chic. I felt like the contrast between the cotton sweatpants and tube top against the Faux Fur shawl gave a  cool girl vibe. It is one of those no effort, but fabulous looks.

The shot itself was her looking effortlessly chic in the bustling city on a balcony.

I decided to leave her hair curly and down to make the look dressier. The subtle eye make up and red lips popped because the look itself was texturized but pretty monochrome. I added the silver for a pop of bling. I felt like the faux fur needed a complementary item.

Items: I used Janet’s gray V-neck and made it a tube top and cropped my sweat pants. For accessories I bought a gray shawl, Zara Stilettos and silver jewelry.

Look #2  Business Woman on the go- Classic

This look was inspired by A modern day business  woman who is out and about and independent. She still rocks classic shapes and pieces such as the pencil skirt, ascot, cat eye glasses, and classic red lip. Nothing is going to stop her. I imagine this look in San Francisco and NYC.

The look itself is pulled together with classic shapes and colors. The colors in the accessories also complemented the colors in the look. For example, the bright red and blue hues in the silk scarf complemented the blue in jean skirt/ sweater and red lips.

Items: My own purse, silk scarf/ascot/ chain necklace, zara shoes, and Janet’s sunglasses. I used Jacket’s sweater and my jean jacket as a skirt.