Truth = Peace


It took me a very long time to realize that the truth does set you free. Whether it be telling the truth about hating your friend’s outfit or some self truth that you are truly an asshole instinctively, living and knowing the truth gives you the wisdom to be present in reality.

A lot of the time people, myself included, will lie to themselves about inevitable truths of their character which other people can clearly see and if they love you enough they  will let you know about that bad attitude of yours  or the way you oh so gracefully (not) rudely  talk with food in your mouth.

Appreciate those who are willing to tell you truths about yourself you may not like and embrace it. I used to think that tough love from anyone meant real criticism and I became self-loathing since I could not fathom the thought of not being as wonderful as I think I am.

I do however have an amazing friend that has taken the time to help me put down the blinders, clear the fog in my head, and help me see the value in truth and I can’t thank him enough. Without him, I’d probably still have my head in the clouds.

Take a look at this video and see if you find similarities in your attitude towards others. 

(I was compared to the guy in the pink because of way I can generalize conversations and be self centered. I have struggled these  problems for awhile, but didn’t realize it was a problem until it became second nature.  Being self-centered distracts you from being present in the reality of the situation or clouds understanding of the people you interact with. Everyone has faults, but you are only in charge of you and if you want to change, recognize what needs to be changed.  

If you have any doubt in your life, maybe it’s time to take a step back. Be honest and really analyze your life, the things you want to change, the goals you are striving for and make real-time goals to get you there. If you’re tired of being an asshole, take the time to make plans to change it or if you’re not happy with the career you have now and want to pursue your childhood dream, make plans and do them with honesty & integrity.

A part of my journey will be embracing the truth and making my dreams and hopes a reality.



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