Coming Down


War in my my mind no peace to be found
The race between the heart and mind is so profound
So many thoughts, but yet my words say nothing
Then I say everything, sounds like im bluffin
You tell me just breathe and let it all go
But how can you tell me what you don’t even know?
Thinking so thick, it’s just a waste of time
All we do is daydream of an easier day and whine
Tired of not comprehending the world around me
When will I get a clue?
I am no zombie!
you become what influences you
Rise to the occassion, get excited like I used to
Because I don’t want to waste your time
And if I am, I’m probabaly wasting mine
No need for the negativity,  refocus my energy
Wake up from the routine and take a sip of reality.



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