I am not a material girl. But I am living in a material world.


I feel like in this age and generation we put our faith into the wrong things and pay way too much attention on  obtaining a certain body image, having the dopest fit, eyebrows on fleek, or whatever it may be. I think it is okay to like those things but not revolve your aspirations and dreams around that.

For a very long time I felt empty in life despite having all those things that make person seem more desirable. With the help of the truth about the the world we live in and the teachings of my faith, I have been feeling more whole, back to roots, self satisfied, and just great all around.

Everything we see and cherish today, whether it be make up, music, television and even celebrities we admire are distracting us young people  in reaching our full potential of being individuals, intellectual, aware , and free thinkers. It makes me angry that I even I could be fooled by something so easily disposable.

I am a believer, on the path to peace, joy,  freedom,  consciousness and most of all God’s love. I take my faith seriously and pray that it will lead me wherever I go. Follow me on my journey…





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